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Port of Rotterdam, VARO renew energy partnership

Author:   Posttime:2024-02-23

THE Port of Rotterdam Authority has recently renewed its partnership with VARO Energy Group, marking a continued commitment to sustainable energy practices, reports London's Port Technology.

VARO's offerings emerged victorious in the Port Authority's competitive process to secure the cleanest and most efficient energy transporter.

Since 2018, the Port of Rotterdam has utilised VARO's HVO100 (100 per cent hydro treated vegetable oil) in its fleet, a biofuel derived from renewable sources.

This environmentally friendly alternative has been instrumental in reducing fleet CO2 emissions by as much as 89 per cent when compared to traditional diesel fuel.

One of the key advantages of HVO is its versatility; it can be blended with conventional diesel in any proportion and is compatible with all modern diesel engines without requiring modifications.

This accessibility and compatibility make HVO a practical and cost-effective solution for reducing CO2 emissions in the transportation sector.


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