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DP World to invest US$50m to boost box operations at Santos port

Author:   Posttime:2024-04-08

DUBAI's DP World is to make a new investment of US$50 million to purchase new port equipment for its terminal located on the left bank of the Port of Santos, Brazil.

The investment is the latest phase of a $85 million terminal expansion project, which also includes the $35 million extension of the dock by an additional 190 metres announced in 2023.

Scheduled for completion in late 2024, DP World's terminal will be able to berth two Q-max scale (345+ metre) vessels, creating significant opportunities to boost carrier efficiency. The new equipment also allows the terminal to expand capacity to 1.7 million TEU, boosting DP World's ability to support Brazil's strong economic growth.

In total, twenty-one new pieces of equipment will be acquired, comprising two quay cranes, five RTGs (rubber-tired gantry cranes), twelve ITVs (internal transfer vehicles), and two ECHs (empty container handlers), reports Yahoo Finance.

Fabio Siccherino, CEO of DP World in Brazil, said: "The investments by DP World in Brazil aim to meet robust growth in Brazil's container market in the post-pandemic era, as well as to maintain Santos' role as a Hub Port for South America. We constantly evaluate new investments, with the aim of ensuring that the capacity of the Port of Santos stays ahead of demand, with a high level of service."


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