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Dalian Port

Position: 121°39′17″E, 38°5′44″N

Natural Conditions:
1. Weather
The annual average temperature is 10.4℃,the maximum is 35.5℃,the minimum is 20.1 ℃.Generally,the annual rainfall is 659 mm, and it is about 2/3 of the annual precipitation. There is often north and northerly winds in winter ; south and southeast wind in summer.
2. hydrology
Tides are semidiurnal tide mixed.Over the years, the highest tide level is 4.6 m ,the lowest is 0.66m, the average is 2.14 m ,the average sea level is 1.63m.The maximum tide range is 2.9m,the minimum is 2.3m.

Berths and Throughput:
In 2011, the Dalian Port cargo throughput totaled 267 million tons,exceeding 8.151 million of the annual plan, Year-on-year growth is13.4%; Accomplishing Container throughput 6,351,000 TEUs,exceeding 5.1 thousand TEUs, Year-on-year growth is 2102%.
DCT, DPCM existing berths 11,depth is 9.8 m -16.0 m, capacity is 3.6 million TEU/year, Including four 10-ton berths, DCT, DPCM can berth 10000TEU ship.