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Fangcheng Port

Position: 108°20'E, 21°37'N

The port is situated in the region with subtropical marine monsoon climate and the weather is pleasant. Over the years, the average temperature is 22.5 ° C, the maximum is 36.5 ° C.
Fangcheng Port is a mixed tide Port..Monthly, small tides range from 6 to 8 days.Some tides belong to irregular semidiurnal,the rest of the tides are regular diurnal.The large and medium tides are regular semidiurnal. The neap tide is irregular semidiurnal.

Berths and Throughput:
In 2011,the cargo throughput of Fangcheng Port Group reaches 61.681 million tons, a growth of 22%.

fangcheng port's news

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