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Jinzhou Port

Position: 120°04′E, 40°48′N

Natural condition
The constant wind direction and the strong wind direction are both southwest in the whole year. The average annual temperature is 9.4℃; extreme maximum temperature: 35. ℃ ;July is the hottest month with an average temperature 26℃; extreme minimum temperature:-21℃,January is the coldest month with an average temperature -7.4℃

Berths and throughput
In 2006,the whole year’s throughput was3.2 million tons, container was 200 thousands TEU ,placing the 24th place among the whole country. In 2009, the whole year’s throughput was5.2 million tons, container was 680 thousands TEU. In 2010,the whole year’s throughput was6.008 million tons, container was 7.55 thousands TEU ,placing the third place among the whole province

jinzhou port's news

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