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Ningbo Port

Ningbo old port: 121°33′24″E, 29°52′54″N
Zhenhai operation area: 121°43′00″E, 29°52′00″N
The Beilun job Area: 121°51′05″E, 29°56′8.6″N.

Temperature: average temperature is16.3 ℃, extreme maximum temperature is 39.4 ℃, Extreme minimum temperature, The highest monthly average temperature is 28.1 ℃(July), The minimum monthly average temperature is 4.3 ℃(January)

Tidewater:belong to irregular semidiurnal. Annual average maximum and minimum tidemark are 3.1m and 1.43m of the Ningbo Port; 2.19m and 1.16m of the Zhenhai Operation Area; 2.9m and 1.12m of the Beilun job Area. Annual average mean tidal range is 1.74m of Ningbo Port; 1.71m of Zhenhai Operation Area, 1.82m of The Beilun Job Area.

The cargo throughput of the whole Ningbo Port in 2011 has arrived at 433 million tons,an increase of 5.15%;the container throughput has finished 14.51thousand TEU,an increase of 11.6% and the container throughput put Ningbo port on the third place in domestic and the sixth place in the world.

ningbo port's news

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