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Qingdao Port

Position: 120°19′05″E, 36°04′N

Natural condition
Souther and southeaster wind are frequent in summer, norther and northwester are common in winter. Every year, there will be 1 to 2 typhoons, and this has a little impact on the port.
The average annual temperature is 12.1℃. extreme maximum temperature: 35.4 ℃ extreme minimum temperature: -16 ℃.The type of the tide is regular semidiurnal.The average high tide level: 3.85m; the average low tide level: 1.08m; the highest tide level: 5.36m ; the lowest tide level: 0.07m;

Berths and Throughput:
It has 15 wharves,72berths,including 6 berths for shipping of 50000 tons of class,6 berths for shipping of 60000 tons of class,2 berths for shipping of 300000 tons of class.In 2003,its cargo throughput has reached 140 million tons and container throughput has reached over 4 million TEU, placing the 14th place among the large ports in the world, and the third in China.