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Quanzhou Port

Natural conditions
Strong Winds from Northeast, Constant Winds from east-northeast, mainly northeaster in winter and southwester in summer, typhoons appear generally in July to September. The average annual rainfall is 1,202 mm, spring and summer are rainy seasons. The average annual foggy days is 6.8 days.There is more fog in the months from January to May,but the foggy time does not last long,it has little effect on the navigation of the ship. The annual average temperature is 20.7°C, the highest temperature appears in July with a monthly average temperature of 28.6°C, the lowest appears in January and February with a two-monthly average temperature of 12.1°C.
2.Hydrological tides: Quanzhou port is semidiurnal tide, the average high tidal range is 4.83 meters, low tidal range is 0.31 meters, the average tidal range is 4.52 m. Maximum tidal range is 6.3 m, the minimum tidal range is5.1 m

Berths and throughput
32 ready-to-product piers and 54 berths have been built,including ten 10-ton berths, designed to get an annual capacity of 19.21 million tons.

quanzhou port's news

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