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Shenzhen Port

Position: east to the Mouth of Zhu Jiang,at the wing of Shenzhen which lies to the west of Dayawan in South China Sea

Natural condition
the annual average temperature is 22.4 ℃,the extreme high temperature is 38.7℃,the extreme low temperature is 0.2℃.

Berths and throughputIn 2004,the cargo throughput of Shenzhen Port is 13.5 million tons,increasing 20 . 33%,the cargo throughput is 1.365 TEU, increasing 28.22%,ranking the 4th place in the world .By the year of 2005,10 special berths will be built at Shenzhen Port,meantime,Tonggu Waterway will also be developed and constructed;it is planned to build another ten special berths by the year of 2010.