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Yantai Port

Position: 121°23′46.9″E, 37°32′51.8″N

Natural condition
Annual average temperature is12.5 ° C, high temperatures in August, the monthly average: 25 °C, the annual average rainfall is 737 mm, from July to August precipitation is more than accounted for 50% of the year, frequent wind direction is south-southwest ,frequencywere 10%, calm wind frequency is 12%, a strong wind direction is south, and the maximum instantaneous wind speed ois 33.5 m/s. The average number of days that gale is more than seven years is 1.31 days.

Berths and throughput:
By 2020, Yantai port will possess 58 berths, including 43 deep-water berths ,and annual cargo throughput will reach more than 45 million.

yantai port's news

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