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Yingkou Port

Position: 122°15′E, 40°41′N

Natural condition
The Yingkou Port: extreme maximum temperature: 35.5 ℃ extreme minimum temperature: -27.3 ℃ average temperature: 8.9 ° C
Bayu Port: extreme maximum temperature: 34.7 ℃ extreme minimum temperature: -22.5 ℃
Bayuquan:Port The average annual precipitation (mm) 441.6 .maximum daily precipitation (mm) 145.0
2. Hydrology
The waters near Bayuquan is semidiurnal tide
Bayuquan tide is irregular semidiurnal ,ebb duration longer than tide lasted

Berths and throughput
To the end of 2003, Yingkou Port has a total of 29 production berths ,17above-ton deep-water berths; it’s cargo through capacity is 1.3 million tons, including 7 wharves of 1.15 million ton cargo through capacity which belongs to PSA

yingkou port's news

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