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Fuzhou port's 11-month throughput surpasses 2012's full-year volume

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FROM January to November 2013, southeastern China's Fuzhou port handled 117 million tonnes of freight, which surpassed the full-year volume of 114 million tonnes in 2012 and increased 13.6 per cent over the same period in 2012, Xinhua reports. Container throughput grew 8.6 per cent to 1.79 million TEU. Foreign trade cargo climbed 16.6 per cent to 55.3 million tonnes. Domestic trade throughput went 11 per cent up to 61.84 million tonnes. In the month of November, Fuzhou's throughput tonnage increased 21.9 per cent to 12.48 million tonnes. Its container throughput grew 8.1 per cent to a new monthly record of 181,700 TEU. Foreign trade cargo weighted 5.9 million tonnes, up 11.6 per cent. Domestic trade cargo grew 32.8 per cent to 6.58 million tonnes.   

Fuzhou's Qingzhou Container Terminal volume up 11.1pc in first 7 months

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FUZHOU port, the second largest harbour in southeast coastal Fujian province, posted a 9.4 per cent year-on-year increase in volume to 1.1 million TEU from January to July. Throughput of Qingzhou Container Terminal takes up 35.4 per cent of the throughput of the entire port of Fuzhou, Xinhua reports. In the recently held evaluation and appraisal of Fujian's top 300 enterprises, Qingzhou Container Terminal was on final list again after winning the title in 2012, and was ranked 18th place in the list of Fujian's transport and warehouse service providers. Being selected as the top 300 enterprises in Fujian again, is a further confirmation of the positive operating results of the terminal and its efficient services, said the terminal. The integration of Fuzhou port's three largest container terminals, including the Qingzhou Container Terminal, has already begun. The three terminals will combine resources to further enhance operational efficiency and reduce cost, as well as to improved services to shippers and forwarders.

Fuzhou Port Group's May container volume up 14.7pc, setting new high

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OPERATOR of the southeastern China port Fuzhou, the Fuzhou Port Group, achieved a new monthly container throughput record of 159,000 TEU in May, 14.75 per cent more than in the same month back in 2012. The port's May throughput was also 10.64 per cent more than the volume in April. Its container throughput has been growing for three months in a row since March, according to Xinhua's report. Qingzhou Container Terminal, one of the terminals operated by Fuzhou Port Group, was seeing containerised domestic trade goods growing at a fast rate of 39.9 per cent year on year. The terminal recorded a throughput of 66,000 TEU in May, up 18.1 per cent. Xingang Container Terminal's growing transshipments led to a 14.3 per cent increase in its foreign trade container cargo. Jiangyin International Container Terminal handled 25,000 TEU, 14.08 per cent more than in the same month in 2012. Mawei Terminal's container throughput climbed 9.34 per cent to 23,000 TEU.

Fuzhou Customs Quarantine Bureau expands online clearance procedures

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 The southeast Fujian Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Fuzhou Customs announced that they have expanded paper-free customs clearance model in May to enhance efficiency and reduce time and money spent, reports Xinhua. The applicable scope of the measure has been upgraded from export cargo to import cargo and both import and export cargo from class B or above foreign trade enterprises can enjoy the paper-free clearance. The clearance time of each batch of goods can be shortened by two hours. The move is expected to save CNY45 million (US$7.3 million) a year for the enterprises in Fujian and expand the number of enterprises to 9,000 from the original 560, taking up 99 per cent of its total foreign trade enterprises. The paper-free clearance has saved CNY15 million and reduced 150,000 hours of clearance time for the enterprises in Fujian since the province introduced it for export goods in August 2011. The paper-free clearance model takes commodity inspection form's online verification system as platform, cancelling the paper declaration forms and accompanying documents and certificates.

Fuzhou, Xiamen customs cooperate to provide faster cargo clearance

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FUZHOU and Xiamen customs in Fujian province will cooperate to accelerate customs clearance for local shippers and foreign-owned enterprises, reports Xinhua. The two customs offices recently signed the Fuzhou Customs and Xiamen Customs Law Enforcement Cooperation Mechanism Memorandum, under which they will establish a system of coordination, improving enterprise classification, thus resulting in a non-discriminatory approach to the same kind of enterprises. In addition, they will build cross-strait customs cooperation mechanism, and issue the specific measures to simplify the cross-strait customs' procedures for carrying out the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) effectively.

MOL opens branches in Fuzhou, Zhongshan, closes representative offices

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SHANGHAI-based MOL (China) Co., Ltd has opened branches in Fuzhou and Zhongshan to replace the company's representative offices to extend its own network in China and create a more powerful and flexible sales force. A company statement said it expects the two cities to play an important role in the future expansion of trade in China. It highlighted that Fuzhou will serve as a logistics hubs for gateway ports, such as, Mawei and Jiangyin in Fujian province; and the other will serve as a logistics hub for the ports of Zhongshan, Zhuhai and Jiangmen in Guangdong province. Major industries in these areas include shoes, tiles, electronics, metal, plastic and electrical products. With the opening of the Fuzhou and Zhongshan branches, MOL (China) has 13 branches and offices in China.

K+N opens in Fuzhou, Wuxi, Zhengzhou, Taicang, Yangzhou and Yinchuan

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KUEHNE + NAGEL has incorporated road logistics into its integrated range of services and is steadily expanding its office network in response to growing market demand for domestic services in China. The Swiss logistics giant, rated the world's largest forwarder, has recently opened in Fuzhou, Wuxi, Zhengzhou, Taicang, Yangzhou and Yinchuan. By the end of the year, eight depots will be established in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Beijing, Xiamen, Chengdu and Wuhan, enabling the freight forwarder to offer a total of 20 links. Further network extensions are scheduled for next year as well. The company also highlighted the launched of its first long-haul shuttle between Shanghai and Tianjin in April, a 1,200 kilometre route with scheduled departures from both locations three times a week. In August, the company started a second connection, running three times a week between Shanghai and Guangzhou. The services are offered using its own hub and spoke network, promising door-to-door services, direct pick-ups and deliveries, guaranteed departures, reliable lead times, and proof of delivery, it said. "The expansion is in line with our growth strategy and 'Go-West' market approach in China," said Kuehne + Nagel Asia Pacific president Andy Weber.  

Fuzhou port first half foreign trade cargo up 15.5pc to 247,000 TEU

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FROM January to June, Fuzhou port, in south eastern Fujian province, lifted 247,900 TEU of containerised foreign trade cargo, 15.5 per cent more than in the same period in 2010, Xinhua reports. Containerised imports totalled to 122,900 TEU, up 18.2 per cent. Exports climbed 13.1 per cent to 125,000 TEU. During this period, Fuzhou offered three new routes to US west coast. The port is now operating routes to Europe, Mediterranean, US west coast, Middle East, west Africa, South Africa, Korea, Japan, south east Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  

Five injured when cargo ship explodes while under repair near Fuzhou

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FOUR firefighters and a worker were injured in an explosion on a cargo ship that was under repair at a port near Fuzhou, Fujian province, reported China News Service. The blast occurred aboard the 5,000-ton freighter at 8.35pm and was soon ablaze, trapping nine aboard, according to the Fuzhou fire brigade. Firemen rescued eight people, but one man was still trapped inside the ship. When firemen were planning a new search, the cabin burst into flame, injuring four firefighters and a shipyard worker. Among the injured, a firemen was in critical condition while the others were stable at a local hospital, according to the report.  

Tokyo route opens at Fuzhou Xingang

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Recently, the ship Mediterranean Sentosa docked at Fuzhou Xingang, symbolizing the opening of the Mediterranean Shipping Company's Tokyoroute fromFuzhouPort's Jiangyin harbor district.The weekly route stops at Hong Kong, Chua Lam inVietnam, and Fuzhou Xingang. It docks as Fuzhou Xingang every Wednesday with a vessel capacity of 2,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit).Fuzhou Xingang is located in Jiangyin harbor district in the north ofFuzhouport. It is the first deepwater wharf designed only for containers with a throughput capacity of more than 2 million TEU per year, making it one of the most important ports within the harbor district. Since it came into use in 2002, more than ten routes have opened coving Europe, the Middle East, Asia,Hong Kong,Taiwan, and domestic destinations. Throughput capacity is set to increase by 30 percent year on year.

Fuzhou H1 container throughput up 41 percent to 314,000 TEUs

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Fuzhou New Port International Container Terminal completed throughput of 314,000 TEUs in the first half of 2010, up 41 percent year-on-year, a new record for Fuzhou, reported NewsTrak Daily.Export cargo surged 46 percent year-on-year during the period, higher than the average growth of Fujian's other ports.The depth of Fuzhou, its proximity and short distance to Taiwan, and opening of more container lines since 2003 to Europe, Middle East, West Africa, Korea, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong line had underpinned its growth.Despite the global financial crisis and the tarnished shipping market in 2009, the throughput in Fuzhou maintained its 30 percent growth and it handled 500,000 TEUs in the year for the first time.

Fuzhou quarterly container volume up nearly 50pc

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SOUTHEASTERN China's Fuzhou International Terminal (FICT) handled more than 150,000 TEU during the first quarter, an increase of 47 per cent year on year compared to the same period in the preceding year, Logistics Week reported. In March, the terminal handled 50,299 TEU, up 36 per cent. When the world shipping market is hard hit by the financial turmoil last year, FICT still recorded a robust growth of 30 per cent in its container throughput, which for the first time surpassed 500,000 TEU last year. By the end of 2009, Taiwan-mainland shipments moving through the terminal exceeded 100,000 TEU. Sailings between FICT and Taiwan came to 1,590 voyages.