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Damen Sea Axe抵新西兰为升级

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Damen Sea Axe抵新西兰为升级

Damen Sea Axe抵新西兰为升级

来源: Bairdmaritime  2014-08-19

翻译:国际海事信息网 曾艳 汪涛

       新西兰Oceania Marine船厂近期收到了一艘Damen的长51.3米的Sea Axe船舶‘Umbra’,需要对其进行重要升级工程。








       该船舶会从停机坪转移到Refit/Paint Shed C,并一直待到整个项目结束。





Damen Sea Axe arrives in NZ for upgrade

New Zealand-based shipyard Oceania Marine has recently received the 51.3-metre Damen-built Sea Axe vessel ‘Umbra’ for major upgrades.


The vessel, launched in 2010, is in the Pacific region for support vessel services.


The project is scheduled to be completed within the next three months and includes a two-metre addition to the stern, fitting of a helideck, and supply and fitout of all helicopter support equipment and infrastructure.


The vessel will also undergo a full exterior repaint and be subject to vessel survey requirements.


The vessel has been transferred from the hardstand into Refit/Paint Shed C where she will stay for the duration of the project.