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     显著的协同增效效应。据赫伯罗特公关部主任Rainer Horn透露,并购阿拉伯航运将产生1.5亿美元的一次性资金成本。
Special Coverage: Hapag-UASC integration presents significant opportunities, unique challenges
German ocean carrier Hapag-Lloyd’s recent merger with Dubai-based United Arab Shipping Co. (UASC), for example, is expected to generate various benefits for the joined company, but they won’t necessarily come easily.
The two firms officially consummated the deal May 24 after signing a business combination agreement in July 2016 and receiving regulatory approval from roughly a dozen competition authorities across the world. Hapag-Lloyd said in June it is confident it will be able to ensure complete integration by the fourth quarter of 2017.
Combined Efforts. The new-look Hapag-Lloyd features a fleet of 230 containerships—172 vessels from Hapag-Lloyd and 58 from UASC—with an average capacity of 6,842 TEUs and an average age of 7.2 years. Executives estimate the company will have a combined annual transport volume in excess of 10 million TEUs.
Significant Synergies. According to Rainer Horn, director of public relations at Hapag-Lloyd, the company expects to incur one-off costs from the UASC merger of around $150 million.

But overall, the merger is projected to create synergies that will reduce costs by $435 million per year. A significant amount of these savings should be realized in 2018, while the full amount is expected to be reached in 2019.