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来源:World Maritime News 2017-07-07
翻译:国际海事信息网 宋文烨 张运鸿
       6日,阿联酋港口开发和运营商阿布扎比港口公司正式开放新港口——达玛港(Delma),开始在阿哈弗拉地区(Al Dhafra)的经济和社会增长中发挥积极的作用。
       港口、边境和自贸区安全总局主席兼阿布扎比港口公司董事会成员Faris Khalaf Khalfan Al Mazrouei说道:“达玛港的发展符合阿布扎比计划,后者将着力发展可持续海洋运输,建立有效的运输系统,以更好地服务社区和经济。”
       Al Mazrouei进一步提到:“达玛港项目致力于达到最高的质量标准,将成为阿哈弗拉地区发展的奠基石。此外,高瞻远瞩的战略性项目规划可以看出公司对达玛港成功的决心,这与政府的目标是一致的。”
Abu Dhabi Ports Opens New Delma Port
Port developer and operator Abu Dhabi Ports officially inaugurated the new Delma Port, set to play an active role in promoting economic and social growth in the Al Dhafra region, on July 6.
Located on the eastern side of Delma Island, the new port will better serve the community as an upgraded multipurpose port capable of handling cargo, passenger ferries and fishing vessels. In addition, it will help support the growth of the tourism sector in Dalma, the Islands and the surrounding areas.
“The development of Delma Port comes in line with the Abu Dhabi Plan, which calls for an effective transportation system to serve the community and economy, with an emphasis on the development of sustainable sea transport,” Faris Khalaf Khalfan Al Mazrouei, Chief of the General Authority for the Security of Ports, Borders and Free Zones, and Board Member of Abu Dhabi Ports, said.
With a budget of over AED 170 million (USD 46.2 million), the new Delma Port covers a total area of 280,725 m2, with 58,500 m2 of pavement for easy transport. As one of the biggest ports in Al Dhafra region, it features an accessible breakwater with platform to integrate the operation of ferry terminal and CICPA facilities.
“The Delma Port project is one that promises to be a foundation stone in the development of the Al Dhafra region through its focus on meeting the highest quality standards. In addition, the deep foresight and strategic thinking that has gone into the planning of this project is evidence of Abu Dhabi Ports’ commitment to the success of Delma Port in accordance with the objectives of our government,” Al Mazrouei added.
Abu Dhabi Ports said it works closely with its strategic partners, Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport, Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA), Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and several other government entities, to execute its plan.