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       国际知名咨询公司艾睿铂(Alixpartners)香港办公室总经理林莲云(Lian Hoon Lim)指出,继收购东方海外后,中远海运需要时间协同合作,在此期间,其他航运公司不可能有进一步的兼并举动,因为早前各航运巨头已经相继出牌。
       海洋联盟(Ocean Alliance)中,达飞海运(收购东方海皇)和中远海运规模较大,长荣海运规模较小。
       第三个航运联盟The Alliance包括规模较大的赫伯罗特(包括阿拉伯联合国家轮船公司)和日本的合资企业ONE,以及规模较小的阳明海运。
Container shipping unlikely to see more major M&As
With Cosco Shipping needing time to digest this OOIL acquisition in order to achieve all the synergies, other carriers are unlikely to make acquisition moves, as the bigger liners have all played their cards earlier, according to Lim Lian Hoon, managing director, Hong Kong at AlixPartners.
“One year from now, there will be six major lines – Maersk, MSC, Cosco, CMA CGM, Hapag-Lloyd and NYK/MOL/K Line (as ONE) – controlling more than 70% of the world’s capacity (taking the orderbook into account),” Lim said.
“The remaining three medium sized liners are significantly smaller as Evergreen, Yang Ming and HMM control just 6%, 3% and 2% of capacity respectively.
“Each of the three alliances will therefore have two large liners in them and one small liner, so do either of the two large liners in each alliance feel there is a need to acquire another small liner?” Lim questioned.
The 2M alliance includes Maersk Line and MSC, plus the smaller Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) which is a non-member but entered into strategic cooperation for slot exchanges and slot purchases.
Ocean Alliance comprises of the larger CMA CGM (which acquired NOL/APL) and Cosco Shipping, plus the smaller Evergreen.
The third alliance, THE Alliance consists of the larger Hapag-Lloyd (including UASC), and Japan’s ONE, plus the smaller Yang Ming.
Lim pointed out that the present consolidated landscape of container shipping has pointed to a further step in curbing the liners’ habit of chasing market share individually.
The container shipping consolidation has also reached a point where shippers may find it noticeably harder to get good deals by forcing liners to compete against each other individually, Lim added.