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      2017年,奥克兰出口了相当于六万个20英尺集装箱的新鲜和冷冻肉类产品——主要有牛、猪肉和家禽等,较 2013年上涨了24%。与此同时,奥克兰进口的肉类总量达到约6000个集装箱,增长了64%。



      被称作“Cool Port Oakland”的新冷藏配送中心占地达到28.3万平方英尺,预计九月初完工投入使用,这意味着奥克兰港的肉类海运量将进一步增加。据估计,该配送中心每年可以处理近五万集装箱的牛、猪肉和家禽。
Port of Oakland meat shipments up 27 percent in four years
Containerized meat shipments moving through the Port of Oakland have increased 27 percent in the past four years. The Port said Tuesday that even greater growth is likely this fall when a refrigerated distribution center opens
According to just-released port data:
Oakland exported the equivalent of 60,000 20-foot containers laden with fresh and frozen meat products — primarily beef, pork and poultry — during 2017. That was up 24 percent from 2013 totals.
Oakland imported about 6,000 containers of meat last year, a 64 percent increase.
The port valued Oakland’s 2017 containerized meat shipments at more than $8 billion. It said two-thirds of all meat exports went to Japan. South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan were other major export markets. Imported meat shipments came primarily from Australia and New Zealand.
The port said greater containerized meat volume reflects overall strength in the market for farm goods. Agricultural shipments moving through Oakland increased nearly 43 percent between 2013 and 2017, the port said. Fruit and vegetable volume jumped 36 percent.
The port said it expects meat shipments to grow further beginning in September, when a 283,000-square-foot refrigerated distribution center known as Cool Port Oakland is scheduled to open. It’s estimated that the facility could handle up to 50,000 containers of beef, pork and poultry annually.