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北海港蓄势待发 投资氢气为燃料

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北海港蓄势待发 投资氢气为燃料

来源:World Maritime News 2018-11-04
翻译:国际海事信息网 王雅媛 张运鸿
       荷兰-比利时北海港(Dutch-Belgian North Sea Port)的一位代表在阿姆斯特丹举办的2018年海上能源展览会(Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2018)上向世界海事新闻(World Maritime News)表示,他们打算在时机成熟之际投资氢气作为燃料。
       “我们近期已委托Dow公司和Yara公司的管道来运输氢气。”北海港商业经理Peter Geertse在接受我们采访时表示:“我们目前在为液化天然气(LNG)船提供燃料,在实际成熟之际,我们也将投资氢气作为燃料,或至少在我们港口区域使用。”
       “目前,LNG的加料工作主要通过卡车实现,这样更高效,因为我们港口没有液化天然气码头。在鹿特丹(Rotterdam)和泽布吕赫(Zeebrugge)则有这样的设施,他们有足够的能力为欧洲的西北部和西南部地区服务。” Geertse解释道。
North Sea Port: We Are Ready to Invest in Hydrogen as Fuel
Dutch-Belgian North Sea Port is looking to invest in hydrogen as fuel when opportunities arise, a representative of the port told World Maritime News at Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2018 in Amsterdam.
“We recently commissioned a pipeline from Dow to Yara to transport hydrogen. We are already bunkering LNG vessels and when the right moment is there, we are ready also to invest in hydrogen as fuel or at least to make it available in our port area,” Peter Geertse, Commercial Manager of North Sea Port, said in an interview with our publication.
Earlier this year, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted a climate change strategy for shipping which envisages a reduction of total greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% by 2050. When asked about this strategy, Geertse said it is indirectly involved by supporting the port industry to move to more renewable energy sources. For example, companies such as Dow, Yara and ArcelorMittal have launched projects to reduce CO2 emissions and the port is supporting them.
This October, the first truck-to-ship LNG bunkering was carried out in Ghent. In Vlissingen, such operations have already been done.
“Right now, LNG bunkering is mainly done by truck which is more efficient because we don’t have an LNG terminal in our port.
There is one in Rotterdam and Zeebrugge and those have enough capacity to serve the northwestern and southwestern regions of Europe,” Geertse explained.
He added that, for now, North Sea Port will offer mainly truck and barge bunkering as there are not many seagoing vessels using LNG.