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诺唯真邮轮:收入创下记录 提高全年预期

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诺唯真邮轮:收入创下记录 提高全年预期

来源:World Maritime News 2018-11-08
翻译:国际海事信息网 王雅媛 张运鸿

       总部位于迈阿密的诺唯真邮轮公司(Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings)公布了2018年第三季度创记录的收入和收益,并提高了全年预期。


       总收入从2017年第三季度公布的17亿美元增至19亿美元,上涨了12.5%,主要是因为所有核心市场上整体定价大幅上涨,以及2018年第二季度“诺唯真畅悦号”(Norwegian Bliss)的加入使得客满日增加。

       执行副总裁兼首席财务官Mark A. Kempa表示:“我们的三个品牌(诺唯真邮轮、大洋邮轮和丽晶七海邮轮)充分受益于夏季旺季航班的强劲需求,尤其是阿拉斯加和欧洲的高价航线,从而创造了我们历史上最高的季度收入和收益。”

       “2018年即将结束,我们的收益预测也随着全年调整的每股收益(earnings per share,EPS)被调至前收益区间最大值之上而提高了。”


       诺唯真邮轮总裁兼首席执行官Frank Del Rio表示:“邮轮旅游的预订热劲依然不减,我们2019年的星级预订情况很好地证明了这一点,这一水平将持续超过今年纪录水平,同时,2019年全年的邮轮航次预订势头加快,且将一直延续到2020年。”
NCL Posts Record Earnings, Ups Full Year Outlook
Miami-based Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings reported record revenue and earnings for the third quarter of 2018, and raised expectations for the full year.
The company’s net income for the quarter ended September 30, 2018 reached USD 470.4 million compared to USD 400.7 million reported in the same period a year earlier.
Total revenue increased 12.5% to USD 1.9 billion from USD 1.7 billion reported in the third quarter of 2017, primarily sue to strong organic pricing growth across all core markets along with an increase in capacity days due to the addition of Norwegian
Bliss to the fleet in the second quarter of 2018.
“Our three brands fully benefited from strong demand for peak summer season sailings, with particular strength in premium-priced itineraries in Alaska and Europe, resulting in the highest quarterly revenue and earnings in our history,” said Mark A. Kempa, executive vice president and chief financial officer.
“As 2018 winds down, our earnings outlook improves as we increase our full year Adjusted EPS above the high-end of our previous guidance range.”
The company expects to generate record earnings in full year 2018 and has increased its outlook above the high-end of its previous guidance range. Adjusted EPS is now expected to be around USD 4.85, which is inclusive of the previously announced impact from itinerary optimization initiatives which will benefit future periods.
“The robust booking environment for cruise vacations is alive and well as evidenced by our stellar booked position for 2019, which continues to exceed this year’s record levels, with booking momentum accelerating for sailings throughout 2019 and extending into 2020,” said Frank Del Rio, president and chief executive officer of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.