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MISNA call for USCG to speed up tracking decision 北美海事信息服务组织要求USCG加速船舶远程跟踪系统决定

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THE US-based Marine Exchange of SoCal (MESC) which is a member of MISNA (Maritime Information Service of North America) has called on the US Coast Guard to speed up a decision on establishing a partnership with MISNA to implement long range vessel tracking.

MISNA which has 13 members has had a long-range, satellite-based, vessel tracking system in place for over four years now. A statement says "MISNA has succeeded in developing this unique program - called "ASVTS" (for Automated and Secure Vessel Tracking System) - and which has proven to be reliable, effective, and cost efficient.

It adds: "MISNA has been negotiating with the USCG for over three years now in an effort to establish with them a "partnership pilot project" for tracking vessels long-range, and in keeping with the congressional mandates that have set a deadline of April 1st, 2007, for implementing long-range tracking of ships calling at U.S. ports. While USCG officials at their DC Head quarters have expressed interest in MISNA's ASVTS program, they have not taken any steps to finalize the proposed "partnership? with MISN."

MISNA says it has verified that there are more than 80,000 vessel arrivals reported at the various seaports around the US each year, including over 6,000 in Southern California.