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Celebrating 25 Years of Port State Control (Paris MoU将于5月10日庆祝港口国检查区域合作25年)

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The Maritime Authorities of the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control (Paris MoU) will celebrate 25 years of co-operation at the 40th meeting of the Port State Control Committee in Bonn, Germany on the10th of May 2007.

Founded in 1982 with fourteen Member State signatories, the Paris MoU has been at the forefront of initiatives to reduce the operation of substandard shipping and to enhance the safety of lives at sea and protect the environment.

Over this period, the standards of safety of seagoing vessels and their crews and environmental protection has improved dramatically, at the same time as maritime Conventions, rules and procedures have become more complex.

Speaking of its achievements, the Chairman of the Committee, Mr Brian Hogan, said: "We now look forward to a bright future for the Paris MoU and we are moving ahead with new initiatives in consultation with Industry, Seafarers, and Administrations to achieve the common goal of safe and secure ships which are environmentally friendly and which provide good working conditions for seafarers. In the Paris MoU we are very fortunate in having an excellent body of Port State Control Officers who are the very foundation of our organisation and who will continue to ensure its success for many years to come."

A reception and gala dinner will be hosted by 25 members of the Paris MOU and the Chairman of the Committee for guests from the maritime industry and Port State Control regimes in other regions.

His Excellency Dr. Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building an Urban Affairs, will be the host celebration. He stressed the importance of Port State Control and its successful and exemplary measures to reduce substandard shipping. He underlined his confidence that the 40th meeting of the Committee will set up important steps forward, the general agreement upon the main principles of the NIR, whose development started under German leadership.

Mr Richard Schiferli, the General Secretary of the Paris MOU, said: "In the past 25 years many changes have taken place. Growing from 14 to 25 members has closed most gaps in the region. And it is expected that Bulgaria and Romania will become members in May of this year, adding coverage in the Black Sea. More recently, representation of the MoU at the IMO has been beneficial to a better understanding of our aims shared with flag States and the industry.

Since the Paris MoU has EU and non-EU members, a close co-operation with the European Commission and EMSA is necessary and has been fruitful. New initiatives, such as banning of ships from MOU ports, performance lists for flag States and recognized organizations, have had a positive effect on the quality of ships visiting our ports.

On a practical level, a change in the emphasis of Port State Control inspections means Port State Control officers not only verify certificates and check hardware, but also control operational requirements, the proper implementation of a management system on board, including security aspects, as well as seafarer working and living conditions. On this account, harmonization and training is a key factor for success".

The celebration will be used not only to reflect on what has been achieved but also to look to the future and the challenges it will bring, especially with the introduction of a new inspection regime.

In this spirit, speakers from the International Maritime Organization (IMO),

The International Labour Office (ILO), the European Commission and the Chairman of the Paris MoU Committee, will each address the reception.