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Fujian's merged Meizhou Bay ports to focus on domestic bulk and boxes

Author: Posttime:2012-04-12 08:38:02

THE Fujian provincial government has been authorised to merge three port areas, Quanzhou, Putian and Meizhou under the name Meizhou Bay Port, whose administration is already functioning, Xinhua reports.
Meizhou Bay Port will focus on domestic container shipping and large bulk volumes. The port plans to spend CNY22 billion (US$3.49 billion) on upgrades during the 12th National Five-Year Plan period and raise its annual capacity to 200 million tonnes by 2015.
After the merger, Meizhou Bay will have eight port areas, including Xinghua, Dongwu, Xiuyu, Xiaocuo, Douwei, Quanzhou, Shenhu Bay and Weitou Bay.
A senior official from Fujian Provincial Transport Department said that Fujian will develop three port clusters each with their own function to avoid overlapping. Meizhou Bay Port in the centre of the province and Fuzhou port in the north will mainly focus on domestic container shipping and bulk. Xiamen port in the south will concentrate on foreign trade.
Meizhou Bay port has 147 berths in operation. Twenty-four have a capacity of more than 10,000 tonnes. The port has a capacity of 102 tonnes in terms of tonnage and 1.45 million TEU. Last year, throughput increased 12.2 per cent to 114 million tonnes, accounting for 31 per cent of provincial seaport volume.

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