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Guangzhou Port Group's investment in Nansha surpasses US$3.2 billion

Author: Posttime:2012-11-02 08:06:03

GUANGZHOU Port Group chairman Chen Hongxian recently revealed that group's investment on projects at the Nansha port area has exceeded CNY20 billion (US$3.2 billion), Xinhua reports.
Mr Chen also said the multi-use terminal and the grain handling facility at Nansha will be finished by year end, while the third phase expansion of the port area is soon to be launched.
In the coming five years, Guangzhou Port Group plans to spend another CNY10 billion on port facilities at Nansha, bringing another 100 million tonnes' to the capacity and raising the throughput to 13 million TEU in terms of container and 240 million tonnes in terms of tonnage.
Nansha plans to enhance its ability to build up a number of terminals for containers and bulk as well as river-sea intermodal service. In the meantime, it will develop faster connection to airports and railway stations in neighbouring cities including Hong Kong and Macau.

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