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MJP Waterjets buys AWT i Nacka

Author: Posttime:2012-12-07 09:01:40

Following MJP Waterjets’ strategy to become the market leader in water jet propulsion systems for the marine industry, the company recently acquired AWT i Nacka AB.

AWT i Nacka AB is a specialist in automation and control systems for water jet applications. This acquisition will strengthen MJP Waterjets’ competiveness, products and services.

This strategic acquisition follows MJP Waterjets’ recent take-over of Ultradynamics Ltd in the UK and Ultradynamics Inc in the US. This merger completed the product program and increased the presence in the market. The group has now three products in their portfolio: MJP CSU, MJP DRB and MJP Ultrajet.

The control system is a vital part of a water jet concept. This acquisition enables MJP Waterjets to develop new exciting control systems for the marine market.

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