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Chengdu-Europe Railway's single run freight value exceeds US$10 million

Author: Posttime:2013-11-15 08:26:43

A recent run of the Chengdu-Europe Railway service carried cargo valuing US$10.15 million. This is the first time that the freight worth of a single run of the service surpassed US$10 million.

This means that the Chengdu-Europe Railway has become one of the major transport means for Sino-European trade from central and western China to Europe and help the region shake off the dependence on sea ports, said a report from Xinhua.
The run carried mostly laptops, garments, TV sets, vacuum cleaners. Dell's Chengdu-made laptop exports contributed to the majority of the batch of freight's worth, at 83.6 per cent. The train also carried another batch of laptops manufactured in eastern China's coastal province Jiangsu, which valued $9.05 million.
Wu Jian, a director from Chengdu customs, said that the railway operated 24 runs since it commenced operation in April, carrying a total of 1,964 TEU, weighing 33.9 million tonnes. The freight the service carried added up to $67.68 million in total.
The service is a support to the development of European-export-oriented production base in the central and western China region, and enhances the competitive edge for Chengdu-made exports.
As of October, the service has moved exported products for 105 manufacturers to Europe. The direct linkage and lower cost have attracted manufacturers from Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong, said Mr Wu. He also noted that the policy that shippers will get no less than 30 per cent transport cost as subsidy during the first two years of the service is another attraction to the shippers.
The railway also plans to offer return service from Europe based on the cooperation between Chengdu and Europe on the hi-tech and automobile industry and also collects cargo from Russia and Kazakhstan along the way.
The Chengdu-Europe Railway runs from Chengdu to Poland. It offers one run per week on Friday. A single journey lasts 12 days, which is only one third of the time of using ocean shipping, and is only five days longer than by air yet the cost is only one fourth that of air transport. It suits the transportation need of both goods with lower and higher added value.
An official from the Chengdu customs also disclosed that Apple has successfully ran the transport test for iPad on the 20th run of the railway service.
The Chengdu-Europe has also launched an additional line via Inner Mongolia's Erenhot border checkpoint to its existing line via the Alashankou checkpoint in Xinjiang, to avoid congestion due to volume of China-European railways. Also, the windy weather in Xinjiang has made the congestion worse.
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