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Qinhuangdao Port 2017 throughput up 22% to 381m tons

Author: Posttime:2018-01-09 08:43:11

The Qinhuangdao Port Co said it has seen annual overall throughput rise 22% in 2017 to 380.6m tons at all the ports in its portfolio.

The company said in a statement that the biggest rise was at its main Qinhuangdao Port, which rose 32% to 237.7m tons, comprising not only the biggest increase but also the largest portion of the Bohai Rim region-focussed port company’s throughput.
This was probably driven by big gains in containerised traffic, which grew by a fifth in tonnage terms to 15.9m tons or 9% in teu terms to 1.21m teu for the group as a whole. The group does not break down the cargo composition by individual ports, however Qinhuandao Port is its main container facility.
Caofeidian Port saw throughput rise 6% to 77.1m tons from 73.1m tons previously while Huanghua Port saw a 10% rise to 65.8m teu. These two ports handle mainly commodities-based imports with the former being part of the domestic coal trade and the latter is a major ore port in the Bohai Rim, serving large-scale steel producers transiting imported ore cargo.
In terms of cargo types, dry bulk cargo made good gains and made up the bulk of cargo, rising 22% to 352.5m tons and making up 93% of overall throughput.
Coal throughput rose 32% to 233.4m tons and metal ore throughput rose 6% to 119.1m tons.
Oil and liquefied chemicals was the only category that saw a decline, falling 5% to 3.2m tons. Meanwhile general and other cargoes saw throughput spike 42% to 9.1m tons, albeit from a low base of 6.4m tons.
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