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China's new railway freight station opens in Changsha

Author: Posttime:2011-09-07 08:16:37

CHANGSHA, the capital of Hunan province, will put its new railway freight station into operation this month. The two-square kilometre station will have initial annual handling capacity of five million tonnes by 2015, rising to 20 million tonnes by 2020, Xinhua reported
The station's current network has five lines - two container loading and unloading lines, two full-load railcar lines and one heavy cargo line.
The facility, in the Changsha Jinxia Economic Development Zone, will link to the Changsha Xianing port area and function as a logistics centre composed of railway, highway and shipping facilities.
The Jinxia Customs Bonded Centre is designed to become the largest bonded logistics base and a key international logistics transshipment hub in central China in three to five years.

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