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Shanxi's railway volume up 8.7pc in first half to 26,824 tonnes

Author: Posttime:2011-09-09 08:22:20

NORTH China's Shanxi province posted an 8.7 per cent increase in railway volume to 26,824 tonnes, but a 2.3 per cent drop in air freight to 19,952 tonnes in the first half of this year, reports Xinhua.
As power plant's demand for coal increased since the beginning of this year, the province has experienced faster growth in rail freight, but a slower increase in rail passenger volume because of more choices and improved traffic conditions.
Air passenger transport enjoyed an increase with a tourist boom and more new routes launched. But air freight volume saw slow growth owing to rising oil price and cost.
The air transport recorded a 17.5 per cent increase to 34.3 million passengers with 37,616 departures and arrivals, up 15.4 per cent in first six months. In June, passenger volume came to 58.4 million, up 10 per cent year on year but down 7.2 per cent monthly. The air freight volume grew 1.7 per cent to 3,362 tonnes in June with 6,410 taking-off and arrivals, up 3.8 per cent over last year, but down 0.5 per cent against the previous month.

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