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China to build railway logistics facility for grain in Heilongjiang

Author: Posttime:2011-11-04 08:26:52

A mega railway logistics park for grain has been completed in northeast China's Heilongjiang province.
Shenyang Railway Bureau has invested CNY180 million (US$28.2 million) into the facility. It covers an area of 200,000 square metres, has 30,000 square metres' sheltered area, 20,000 square metres' platform, 100,000 square metres' container yard and 100,000 tonnes' warehousing capacity.
The facility will eventually be expanded to 1.8 million square metres and divided into different areas for transshipping, trading, processing, containerising, distributing, inspection and so on. By the end of 2015, the facility's trading volume will reach 20 million tonnes per year with a value of CNY50 billion, generating CNY6 billion's tax revenue for the government.
The facility started construction in June this year, and is located in southwest Heilongjiang's Zhaoyuan county, which is one of the major grain production regions in China and produced 1.38 billion kilogram's grain last year.

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