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Shanghai Port

Position: 31°14′N, 121°29′E

Natural Conditions:
The annual average temperature is about 16 degrees and the annual rainfall is about 1148.8mm. Southeaster mainly through whole year and strong wind direction is northeasterly.
Tidewater: Twice per day and Mean tidal range is from 2 meters to 2.5 meters.

Berths and Throughput:
There are 1160 berths in Shanghai Port. The length of berth reaches to 119.2 kilometer. According to statistics, the throughput of Shanghai Port is 730 million tons in 2011, reaching to 31.74 million TEU
Shanghai port has become the first port which container throughput exceeds 30 million TEU in the world.and its container throughput and cargo throughput still lies at the top of the world.

shanghai port's news

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