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        英国Enshore Subsea公司与比利时Herbosch-Kiere公司合作,通过新成立的合资企业收购了一艘有25年船龄的电缆敷设船(CLV)。

        Herbosch-Kiere公司和Enshore Subsea公司收购了建造于1999年的“Topaz Installer”号,该船长88米,并更名为 “CMOS Installer”号。

        该船由两家公司新成立的合伙企业,即一家联合海洋工程服务(Combined Marine Offshore Services,简称CMOS)公司共同管理运营。

        Herbosch-Kiere公司总经理Benny De Sutter表示:“我们非常高兴地宣布收购这艘电缆敷设船。这对我们公司来说是一个重要的里程碑,扩大了我司在近海航运业的业务能力。”

        他还补充说:“这艘船属于对我司船队的战略性投资,使我们能够以更高的效率和可靠性执行项目。我们将与Enshore Subsea公司共同致力于为客户提供高质量的解决方案,推动海上航运业界的发展。”


        “CMOS Installer”号目前处于新加坡,按计划进行干船坞和升级后,将前往韩国收取一批电缆,而后前往塞内加尔(Senegal),与新船主签订第一份合同。



        Enshore公司总经理Pierre Boyde表示:“Enshore Subsea公司产品组合中增加了CMOS安装设备,这与我司专注于浅水EPCI电缆项目以及从海滩到深水的全套挖沟解决方案战略完全吻合。我们很高兴能加强与Herbosch-Kiere公司的合作关系,使我们能够为客户提供具有陆上和海上能力的全套解决方案。”


New UK-Belgian joint venture buys 25-year-old cable-layer

UK’s Enshore Subsea and Belgian Herbosch-Kiere have partnered to purchase a 25-year-old cable-laying vessel (CLV) in a newly created joint venture.

Herbosch-Kiere and Enshore Subsea have purchased the 1999-built, 88-meter-long Topaz Installer vessel, set to be renamed CMOS Installer.

The vessel is managed and operated jointly by the two companies in a freshly created partnership, the Combined Marine Offshore Services (CMOS) company. 

“We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of our cable laying vessel. This marks a significant milestone for our company as we expand our capabilities in the offshore industry,” said Benny De Sutter, Managing Director of Herbosch-Kiere.

“This vessel represents a strategic investment in our fleet, allowing us to execute projects with greater efficiency and reliability. Together with the know-how of Enshore Subsea, we are committed to delivering high-quality solutions to our clients and driving the subsea sector.”

According to the partners, the vessel is highly maneuverable and has a shallow draft and a proven cable-laying track record stretching back 25 years.

CMOS Installer is currently in Singapore and after a scheduled dry dock and upgrade will make its way to Korea to collect a cable consignment, before heading to Senegal for its first contract under its new ownership.

The UK-Belgium partners recently secured a $200 million contract to deliver onshore and offshore works for two links in Senegal as part of a program that aims to revolutionize the country’s power infrastructure and provide sustainable electricity to millions of people.

The companies announced in September 2023 that they would establish an integrated joint venture in which both would share 50% of the responsibilities.

“The addition of the CMOS Installer to the Enshore Subsea portfolio fits perfectly with our strategy of focussing on shallow water EPCI cable projects as well as complete trenching solutions from beach approach to deep water. We are delighted to be strengthening our partnership with Herbosch-Kiere, enabling us to offer our clients a complete package approach with onshore and offshore capability,” said Pierre Boyde, Enshore’s Managing Director.