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来源:Offshore Energy 2020-09-02

翻译:国际海事信息网 黄子倩 张运鸿
        丹麦航运巨头A.P.穆勒-马士基已完成对KGH Customs Services(下称KGH)的收购,这是一家在欧洲提供关务服务的公司。这次收购使得马士基作为一家综合性集装箱物流企业的业务能力大大增强。
        马士基欧洲地区董事总经理(Managing Director)卡斯滕·基尔达尔(Karsten Kildahl)评论道:“我很高兴KGH正式加入马士基大家庭。”
        KGH首席执行官拉尔斯·博杰松(Lars Börjesson)表示:“KGH期待与马士基的新同事紧密合作,作为一个合并后的实体,为运输和物流行业提供多样化的服务。我们增加了产品组合,扩大了业务范围,这将使我们更好地服务客户,满足客户不断增长的需求。”
        KGH首席执行官拉尔斯·博杰松(Lars Borjesson)将领导KGH和马士基在欧洲的关务相关业务。
Maersk wraps up KGH Customs Services acquisition
Danish shipping giant A.P. Moller – Maersk has completed the acquisition of KGH Customs Services, a pan-European customs services specialist, further strengthening its capabilities as an integrated container logistics company.
After receiving required competition approvals, Maersk finalised the acquisition on 1 September 2020.
The deal, first unveiled in July this year, is valued at $279 million.
“I am very pleased that we can now officially welcome KGH into the Maersk family,” Karsten Kildahl, Regional Managing Director of Maersk in Europe, commented.
“The whole KGH team is looking forward to closely collaborating with our new Maersk colleagues on providing a range of different services within the transportation and logistics industry as one combined entity. Our enhanced product portfolio and geographical reach will enable us to serve our customers and their growing needs even better,” Lars Börjesson, CEO of KGH Customs Services, said.
As informed, during the remainder of 2020, Maersk and KGH teams will work together on establishing a joint operating model and optimal structure to serve their customer base going forward.
Lars Borjesson, CEO of KGH, will lead the combined customs related activities of both KGH and Maersk in Europe.