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翻译:国际海事信息网 黄子倩 张运鸿
        值得一提的是,新设立的“港口基础设施基金”主要针对那些在现有场地内有富裕空间来建设新型边境基础设施(border infrastructure)的港口,以便应对新“边境运营模式”(Border Operating Model)下产生的新型海关需求。这笔基金可以用在一批重要的港口基础设施上,包括港口仓库和管制站(control post)、交通管理系统。
        拥有全英100余家港口会员的英国港口协会(British Ports Association, BPA)在一份独立报告中表示,政府的这项基金受到了英国港口业的欢迎。
        虽然该项目对港口类型没有限制,但业界普遍预测滚装港口运营商(roll-on roll-off operators)对申请该项基金最感兴趣。在欧盟结束脱欧过渡期后,滚装港口运营商为适应新政策所作的准备最多。对于英国和欧盟之间日均过万的卡车车流量,如何部署新的管制中心,对于避免交通中断是至关重要的。
UK gov’t unveils £200 million port infrastructure fund
Ahead of the UK’s exit from the EU Customs union, the country’s government has launched a £200 million ($258 million) fund to enable ports to build new facilities and prepare for life outside the EU.
As explained, new infrastructure at ports will be needed whether or not the UK secures a negotiated agreement with the EU as the UK is leaving the Customs Union and Single Market and new procedures will be coming into place. 
Specifically, the Port Infrastructure Fund is targeted at those ports that have the space to build new border infrastructure on their current sites so that they are ready to handle new customs requirements under the new Border Operating Model. The funding can be used for a range of vital port infrastructure – from warehouses and control posts to traffic management systems.  
The deadline for applications is midday on 30 October, with successful bids announced shortly after.
Where infrastructure is not best situated at ports, the government has allocated an additional £270 million to build inland customs facilities. 
Recognizing the impact of coronavirus on businesses’ ability to prepare, the UK has taken the decision to introduce new border controls in three stages up until 1 July 2021. This “flexible and pragmatic” approach will give industry extra time to make necessary arrangements, the government said.
The opening of the fund has been welcomed by industry, and will see ports accelerate their preparations for the end of the year, as well as give industry confidence that all required infrastructure will be delivered on time, the government added.
The UK ports industry has welcomed the launch of the government’s new Port Infrastructure Fund, the British Ports Association (BPA) which represents the interest of over 100 port members, said in a separate statement.
According to BPA, the scheme will enable ports in England, Scotland and Wales to bid funding for capital projects for infrastructure that will be used to accommodate new customs and border processes in 2021.
Although open to all types of ports it is expected that roll-on roll-off (RoRo) operators will have the most interest in applying to use this scheme. This sector has the most to do to adapt to new requirements which will come into existence when the EU completes the Brexit transition period. Indeed how new controls are placed on the 10,000 lorry movements a day between the UK and Europe is critical to avoid traffic disruption.