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BW Offshore为FPSO减值

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BW Offshore为FPSO减值

来源:Offshore Energy 2021-02-10

翻译:国际海事信息网 王雅媛 张运鸿
       由于重新部署仍然充满不确定性,浮式生产储卸油船(FPSO)运营商BW Offshore决定在2020年第四季度对三艘FPSO的账面价值进行减值,共计5960万美元。
       BW Offshore周三表示,三艘减值的FPSO分别是“Berge Helene”号、“BW Cidade de São Vicente”号和“Espoir Ivoirien”号。
       BW Offshore表示,减值反映了船队中某些老旧设备的重新部署和延期仍存在不确定性。
       “Berge Helene”号FPSO于2017年第四季度末与马来西亚国家石油公司(Petronas)在毛里塔尼亚完成合同后,于2018年遣散。该FPSO将在BW Energy公司位于巴西近海的Maromba油田使用。 
       “BW Cidade de São Vicente”号于2020年6月获得巴西国家石油公司(Petrobras)的最后一份续约合同,该合同于同年10月到期。在与巴西国家石油公司的合同到期后,该FPSO在巴西闲置。 
       “BW Cidade de São Vicente”号于2009年由吉宝(Keppel)改建。该FPSO的石油生产能力为3万桶/天,存储能力为47万桶。该船自交付以来一直为巴西石油公司运营。
       “Espoir Ivoirien”号 FPSO为CNR International在象牙海岸(Ivory Coast)近海油田作业。 
       最近“Espoir ivoiien”号FPSO上发生的事故导致两名工人死亡。事故发生在2021年1月中旬,当时FPSO上的货舱正在Espoir油田作业。
       该FPSO的石油生产能力为45000桶/天。 该船与CNR International的合同将于2022年到期。
BW Offshore braces for FPSO impairments
FPSO operator BW Offshore has decided to record an impairment to the book value of three FPSOs, amounting to $59.6 million, in the fourth quarter of 2020 amid continued uncertainty regarding redeployment.
The three FPSOs are Berge Helene, BW Cidade de São Vicente, and Espoir Ivoirien, BW Offshore said on Wednesday. 
According to BW Offshore, the impairments reflect continued uncertainty around redeployment and extension for certain older units in the fleet. 
The uncertainty is tied to the current market volatility and future development of oil prices and also considering an increased focus on energy transition. 
The impairments will be included in the fourth-quarter earnings and annual 2020 accounts, which will be published on 19 February 2021.
The Berge Helene FPSO was demobilized in 2018 after completing its contract with Petronas in Mauritania at the end of 4Q 2017. The FPSO is reserved pending agreement for use on BW Energy’s Maromba field offshore Brazil.
The BW Cidade de São Vicente was awarded its last contract extension from Petrobras in June 2020, which expired in October of the same year. Following the expiration of the Petrobras contract, the FPSO was put in lay-up mode in Brazil. 
The BW Cidade de São Vicente was converted by Keppel in 2009. The FPSO’s oil production capacity is 30,000 bbl/d and storage capacity of 470,000 bbl. The vessel had operated for Petrobras offshore Brazil since its delivery.
The Espoir Ivoirien FPSO is operating for CNR International on a field offshore Ivory Coast. 
A recent incident on board the Espoir Ivoirien FPSO resulted in deaths of two workers. The incident occurred in mid-January 2021 whilst work was being performed in a cargo tank onboard the FPSO operating on the Espoir field.
Two fatalities were confirmed as a consequence of the incident, which was caused by leakage of hydrocarbons into the tank where the work was being performed.
The FPSO has an oil production capacity of 45,000 bbl/d. The vessel’s contract with CNR International is set to expire in 2022.