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Rizhao Port improves first quarter earnings

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China’s Rizhao Port Co has recorded improved first quarter results compared to the year-ago period, boosted by higher cargo volumes. Shanghai-listed Rizhao Port registered a net profit of RMB107.33m ($15.6m) for the three months ended 31 March 2017, an increase of 34.8% compared to the gain of RMB79.6m in the same period of 2016. Revenue for the first quarter came up to RMB1.16bn, a climb of 5.7% year-on-year. Rizhao Port, the main operator of the northeastern port of Rizhao in Shandong province, handled 56.56m dwt of cargoes during the first three months, up 10% year-on-year. In 2016, the port of Rizhao was the 14th busiest container port in China, handling approximately 3m teu of throughput, up 5% compared to 2.8m teu in 2015.

Rizhao port's container volume up 27.58pc to 1.06 million TEU in 5 months

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RIZHAO, a seaport in eastern China's Shandong province, posted a 27.58 per cent year-on-year increase in overall container throughput to 1.06 million TEU in the first five months of the year, reports Xinhua. Aggregate cargo volume in the period increased 10.55 per cent year on year to 150 million tonnes. Foreign trade cargo through the port rose 8.11 per cent year on year to 104 million tonnes.

Six new berths in Rizhao expected to launch electronic port this year

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THE northern Shandong's Rizhao Port Working Conference revealed recently that six new berths in the port are expected to pass acceptance check and go into electronic operations this year, reports Xinhua. According to the Requirements of the Shandong provincial government, the Rizhao authority this year will work together with all departments of the port to jointly promote the construction of electronic port with the aim to take the lead in launching electronic port system in the province.  The municipal government plans to accelerate the expansion of the Lanshan northern water area this year to lay the foundation for the construction of Southern Shandong Harbour-front Industrial District.  It will cooperate closely with Rizhao Airport and inspection departments to create conditions for the opening up of the airport. Also it will enhance operating services of the Rizhao Bonded Logistics Centre to promote the establishment of the comprehensive bonded zone. At present, a total of 48 terminal berths in the Rizhao port have officially opened to service. Six new terminal berths last year including a 300,000-tonne crude oil terminal were put into operation, which brought an extra 26.22 million tonnes of foreign trade throughput to the port.  

Rizhao aggregate logistics value tops US$86.79 billion in 2013

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RIZHAO, a city in eastern China's Shandong province, posted a 19.5 per cent increase in provincial logistics value to CNY527.35 billion (US$86.79 billion) in 2013, the first time the city's total logistics value surpassed CNY500 billion.  Rizhao's logistics industry added value increased 14.5 per cent to CNY14.55 billion, taking up 9.7 per cent in the GDP and 24.9 per cent in the service industry added value. The growth was the third fastest in Shandong province.  Last year, the province spent CNY17 billion on logistics facilities, 18.7 per cent more than in the previous year, taking up 15.9 per cent of the total of the city's infrastructure investments.  The Rizhao government has been taking multiple measures to secure healthy development of the city's logistics industry in order to meet its target of turning the city into a regional logistics hub.  This year, the government will continue to accelerate the building a number of major logistics facilities, encourage development of third party logistics service and promote the application of information technologies in the logistics industry. The city will also offer support to the leading players in the industry.   

Rizhao port's full-year cargo volume to hit 300 million tonnes in 2013

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RIZHAO, a seaport in eastern China's Shandong province, posted a 10.8 per cent year-on-year increase in overall cargo throughput to 283.73 million tonnes as of November 24, which surpassed the full-year cargo tonnage of 280.98 million tonnes in 2012, reports Xinhua. The port's full-year throughput is expected to hit 300 million tonnes this year. The port has secured steady growth by launching a series of supportive measures and taking advantages of its brand, efficiency and new production techniques.

Rizhao port's 8-month cargo volume up 10.3pc to 200 million tonnes

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RIZHAO, a seaport in eastern China's Shandong province, posted a 10.3 per cent year-on-year increase in overall throughput to 200.03 million tonnes as of 20 August, 24 days earlier than in 2012 when it recorded tonnage of 200 million tonnes, reports Xinhua.  The report said the growth is satisfactory under the circumstances when economic situation is more changeable and competition from neighbouring ports is becoming fiercer. The port's full-year throughput is expected to hit 300 million tonnes this year. The port contributed the growth mainly to its enhanced operation efficiency and development of its new business. It succeeded in developing 107 new customers since the start of the year with new cargo volume reaching 4.6 million tonnes and launching five new shipping lines as well as operating a total of 5,556 sailings. 

Rizhao port 7-month container volume up 16.5pc to 1.18 million TEU

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RIZHAO, a seaport in eastern China's Shandong province, posted a 16.5 per cent year-on-year increase in overall container volume to 1.18 million TEU in the first seven months, reports Xinhua. Overall cargo volume was up 11.9 per cent to 189 million tonnes in the period, 1.1 percentage point higher than that in the last same period. Container volume increased 16.5 per cent to 170,000 TEU in July and cargo volume rose 11.7 per cent to 26.36 million tonnes.

Rizhao port volume up 11.7pc to 100 million tonnes in first 4 months

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THE eastern China's port of Rizhao has posted a year-on-year 11.7 per cent increase in throughput to 100.17 million tonnes as of the end of April this year, reports Xinhua.  The port's self-developed GPS freight management system has enhanced its operation efficiency. Its overall throughput is expected to exceed 300 million tonnes this year.

Heavy duty railway lays 1,260 kilometres of track from Luliang to Rizhao

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CHINA'S first heavy duty railway, connecting northern China's Shanxi province and eastern China's Shandong province, is expected to enter the track laying phase in mid-September, Xinhua reports. The railway, designed for heavy loads, will run 1,260 kilometres from Shanxi's Luliang city to Shandong's port city of Rizhao and is expected to move 200 million tonnes a year. The project entails an investment of CNY99.8 billion (US$15.77 billion) and expected to be finished by September 2014.

Port of Rizhao throughput increases 10.2 per cent to 108 million tonnes

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AS of May 18, eastern China's port of Rizhao has handled 108 million tonnes this year, up 10.2 per cent year on year, Xinhua reports. During nine years, Rizhao lifted a total of 1.33 billion tonnes of cargo with an average annual increase of 21 per cent. The port's assets grew from CNY4.79 billion (US$754.9 million) to CNY34.3 billion at an annual increase of 24.5 per cent.

Rizhao aims to achieve 350 million tonnes' volume by year-end

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THE governor of Rizhao city, Yang Jun, says the port's throughput has reached 250 million tonnes and will hit 350 million tonnes by the end of the year, reported Xinhua. According to Governor Yang, during the last four years, the eastern China port in Shandong province invested CNY11.5 billion (US$1.82 billion) on port facilities. This year, Rizhao will launch 200 projects with an investment total of CNY31 billion. The city government also plans set up an exclusive fund for port development.

Shangdong trade value through Rizhao surpasses US$20 billion in 2011

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RIZHAO city, in eastern Shandong province, recorded a trade value of over US$20 billion last year, a sharp increase of 55.9 per cent over 2010, which makes it the fastest growing in trade among all cities in the province, Xinhua reports. Export value surged 76.7 per cent to US$3.9 billion, ranking the first in the province. Import value increased 51 per cent to $16.9 billion. Port of Rizhao handled 250 million tonnes of cargo last year. Its capacity is expected to reach 600 million tonnes in the future. The city is now accelerating the construction of a number of railways, expressways and airport to upgrade its distribution capacity.