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Xiamen offers new rail route to Europe

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A consignment of goods which is transported by sea for five days from Yokohama in Japan, is put on a freight train at Xiamen, a port in East China's Fujian province, heading for Duisburg, Germany on April 10. That consignment, comprising mainly bikes and ball bags, is expected to arrive at its destination in 22 days thanks to the China-Europe Railway Express, saving 15 days in travel time compared with transporting it by sea all the way. "Earlier, goods from Japan headed to European countries were transported by sea and air. But now, the China-Europe Railway Express provides a new option for large-scale logistics runners between Japan and European countries, creating a convenient and rapid mode at a reasonable price," says Chen Luchao, a manager with the Xiamen International Railway Service Co Ltd. Xiamen, a crucial point on the ancient marine Silk Road, has numerous waterways which help in integrating resources along both the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road to create a new-era international transport system. Nowadays, the sea-rail combined transportation system supported by the China-Europe Railway Express has enabled Xiamen to extend its business to more countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. So, in addition to Japan, goods from Vietnam, South Korea and Thailand can also be shipped to Xiamen and then be loaded onto the train to Europe. Chen also says that the company is working on sea-rail routes linking the Philippines and Malaysia, so goods from the two countries can be shipped to Xiamen and then use the railway to reach Europe. So far, the city has launched freight train services to a number of European countries including Germany, Russia and Hungary. Since it launched rail services in August, 2015, the China-Europe Railway Express has sent a total of 433 trains to Europe from Xiamen as of the end of March, shipping 15,883 40-foot containers with goods valued at 7.75 billion yuan ($1.15 billion), according to statistics from the Xiamen International Railway Service Co Ltd. Experts say that the China-Europe Railway Express which is dubbed the "caravan of steel camels" offers new opportunities not only to China but countries like Japan and South Korea. Nippon Express in Japan has been using the China-Europe Railway Express since July, 2017. The company transports goods from ports in Japan by sea to Dalian, a port city in China, or transports goods from Japan's major airports to Southwest China's Chongqing and then loads the goods on the China-Europe Railway Express to get to Duisburg. SG Holdings, one of the top three Express service providers in Japan is also in the process of providing logistics services in conjunction with Chinese railways, Cankaoxiaoxi, a Chinese newspaper run by Xinhua News Agency reported.

Xiamen port upgrades Haicang channel to handle 10 million TEU in 2019

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CHINA's Port of Xiamen, opposite Taiwan, is upgrading its facilities at Haicang and will expand the shipping channel to accommodate vessels of up to 200,000 dwt. It is an expansion project for the third phase shipping channel project. The total project investment is CNY340 million (US$51.6 million), covering a shipping channel in length of 11.5 kilometres. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2021, and will be able to accommodate large containerships. Xiamen port aims to handle 218 million tonnes of cargo throughput and 10.8 million TEU in container volumes in 2019.

Xiamen port upgrades facility at Haicang

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China’s southern Xiamen port is upgrading its facilities at Haicang and will expand the Haicang shipping channel to accommodate vessels of up to 200,000 dwt. The shipping channel is located at Haicang port area. It is an expansion project for the third phase shipping channel project. The total project investment is RMB340m ($51.6m), covering a shipping channel in length of 11.5 kilometers. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2021, and will be able to accommodate large containerships. Haicang, a major port at Xiamen, currently has container berths capable of berthing ships of up to 200,000 dwt. Xiamen port aims to handle 218m tonnes of cargo throughput and 10.8m teu in container volumes in 2019.

Xiamen ramps up efforts to improve port competitiveness

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Xiamen is determined to improve Xiamen port's competitiveness. [Photo/xmnn.cn]   Xiamen port authority is launching a series of moves to improve Xiamen's port competitiveness. The moves come off following the news that Xiamen port handled more than 10 million customers in 2017 for the first time, ranking 14th in the world, according to Xiamen Customs. These moves are deemed necessary by local authorities to keep the port on an upward trajectory and to improve the port's competitiveness. Chargers for foreign trade at Xiamen port can be divided into governmental and non-governmental agencies and charges from the latter account for 90 percent of the whole charges, according to the local port authority. The charges from government at Xiamen port are the lowest among the main ports along the coastal area of the Chinese mainland. The Xiamen port agency, therefore, aims to reduce the charges from non-governmental agencies. A price list for charges from non-governmental agencies at Xiamen port was released recently to cut back on and combine charge items and lower the overall prices of regular charge items by 30 percent. It's estimated that around 30 million yuan ($4.71 million) would be saved by the move for the companies at Xiamen port. "Charge reduction is just one measure and the ultimate goal is to speed up customs clearance and logistics and improve its overall competitiveness," head of Xiamen port authority said. Constructing a "smart port" is the key to the development plans for the port. A smart logistics platform for containers was put into operation at Xiamen port two years ago. The platform has been successful in increasing the efficiency of the port, such as reducing each container car's pass time from 96 seconds to 26. Additionally, a credit management platform for the port's shipping and port companies has recently come into service and a regulation to award and punish companies that successfully or fail to keep their promises is under negotiation.   Workers at Xiamen port monitor the port's regular operation via the smart logistics platform. [Photo/taihainet.com]

Xiamen Port to buy stake in terminal storage business

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China’s Xiamen Port Development has entered into a deal to purchase 75% equity interest in Shishi City Huajin Terminal Storage and Transportation Co (Shishi Huajin) at a price of approximately RMB204.51m ($31.96m). Xiamen Port Development will acquire 60% equity interest of Shishi Huajin from majority owner Shishi City Well Able Group Co (Well Able) and another 15% from businessman Qiu Yitian. At present, Shishi Huajin’s equity interests are 75% held by Well Able and 25% by Qiu. “The board is of the view that the entering into of the acquisition agreement and the acquisition are crucial to the group’s implementation of its expansion strategy outside Xiamen port region,” stated Xiamen International Port Co, which owns 55.13% of Xiamen Port Development. “The acquisition enables the group to strengthen its investment in peripheral ports so as to further consolidate the core advantage and competitiveness of its port-related principal businesses,” it added. Established in 2007, Shishi Huajin is principally engaged in the investment, construction and terminal operation of the Jinshang operational area at Quanzhou Gulf port area. Shishi Huajin has already constructed three general terminals and has a berth under construction.

DHL eCommerce opens in Xiamen, expands in Hong Kong, Shenzhen

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GERMANY's DHL eCommerce, a division of Deutsche Post, has announced plans to open e-commerce logistics services in Xiamen to serve Fujian province. The company also announced the expansion of its Shenzhen and Hong Kong distribution centres to manage a capacity of 81 million shipments a year.  "China's booming cross-border e-commerce market, estimated to be worth US$839 billion by 2021, is expected to dominate 40 per cent of the global market share," said a company statement.  "The growth momentum in southern China is particularly strong - cross-border e-commerce transactions in Fujian grew 42 per cent to a total value of $28.1 billion, which accounted for 18.5 per cent of the provincial outbound trade in 2015.  "To enable merchants across South China to tap on the huge cross-border e-commerce opportunity and compete in the international market, DHL eCommerce will now provide greater convenience with pick-up service; easy IT integration of their inventory into the shipping process, as well as greater variety of simple and affordable cross-border shipping solutions to reach out to customers across the world," said DHL.  "With exports expected to make up 75 per cent of China's e-commerce turnover three years from now, a strong and reliable logistics framework has to be set in place to meet growing needs," it said.  Said DHL eCommerce China chief Zhi Zheng: "Manufacturing and export hubs like Fujian will be the centre stage of all future growth of e-commerce exports in China. DHL's expertise in international shipping and fulfilment, along with our global network and strong e-commerce expertise will play a fundamental role in connecting China's e-tailers with online markets across the world." 

Xiamen Port to build another two berths for $93m

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Xiamen Port Development has appointed a contractor to build two new berths at its Gulei Port Development project. The company said in a stock market announcement that through its Gulei Port Development unit, it has appointed CCCC Third Navigational Engineering Bureau to construct berths North No 1 and No 2 in the Gulei operation area for RMB637.5m ($92.9m). The job will consist of building two 50,000-tonne multi-purpose berths, a 5,000-tonne multi-purpose berth, four fire-fighting tug berths and other corresponding ancillary facilities. The berths will consist of a total quay length of 1,306m and take up a total land area of 423,600 sqm and make up part of the group’s promotion of the Gulei Port Development Project, Xiamen Port said. "The board is of the view that the entering into of the construction contract is crucial to the group’s proactive promotion of the Gulei Port Development Project. As part of the implementation of the group’s expansion strategy outside Xiamen Port Island region, the construction works enable the group to commence terminal and port logistics business in Gulei port area in order to provide relevant port-related ancillary services for the development of petrochemical industry in Gulei port and hence further enhance the core competitiveness of the group’s port-related principal business," Xiamen Port concluded.

Xiamen port profit down 13pc to US$46.3 million as revenues rise 56.8pc

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THE Port of Xiamen, opposite Taiwan, has posted a 12.9 per cent year-on-year profit increase to CNY286.7 million (US$46.3 million) in 2014, drawn on revenues of CNY7.5 billion, which increased of 56.8 per cent. In a Shenzhen stock exchange filing, Xiamen Port declared a 7.4 per cent increase in cargo handling to 205 million tonnes with container throughput coming to 8.57 million TEU, ranking it eighth among China ports. The port, serving the special status city in Fujian province formerly called Amoy, plans to build nine deepwater berths, a deepwater channel, as well as an anchorage, as it targets 10 million TEU in 2016. The port also plans to test a high-speed roll-on-roll-off (ro-ro) service to Taiwan, as well as ro-ro services from Zhangzhou and Dongshan to Taiwan, reports IHS Maritime 360. Today, the port operates 33 terminals, 23 berths for 10,000 tonnes and above, plus 163 services connecting 54 countries worldwide.    

Xiamen Shipbuilding bags first order for LNG carrier

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Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry has bagged its first order to build a LNG carrier of 45,000 cu m in capacity, with an option for one additional unit, for China’s Landmark Corporate Holdings, investment firm in shipping and offshore industries. The newbuilding is slated to be completed in 2017. The LNG carrier will be designed by Norway’s LNG New Technologies (LNT), incorporating its novel containment system LNT A-Box based on an IMO independent tank type A, equipped with a full secondary barrier. In January 2014, Xiamen Shipbuilding successfully completed a mock-up testing of the LNT A-Box, witnessed by class surveyors ABS, BV and DNV GL.

Chinese sand carrier sinks after colliding with German boxship off Xiamen

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SIX crewmen of a sinking Chinese bulk carrier with a cargo of sand, were rescued after a collision with a German-owned Liberian-flagged containership off Xiamen, reports Denver-based IHS Maritime 360. Five men were rescued by a passing vessel, with the one other pulled from water by the rescuers of Donghai Rescue Bureau. The Chinese cargo ship Hai Run 607 with six crew aboard collided with 1,740-TEU Hansa Siegburg southeast of Qingyu Island off Xiamen, said China's Donghai Rescue Bureau. The Donghai bureau dispatched the rescue ship Donghaijiu 116 to the site of the accident.  One of the crewmen was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment, but the rest are not in danger.

Xiamen Ocean Gate Container Terminal commences new service to Europe

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THE Xiamen Ocean Gate Container Terminal (XOCT) is offering a new international shipping service to Europe with Yang Ming's vessel 8,626-TEU YM Uniformity making its maiden voyage to Guangzhou Nansha, reports Xinhua. The terminal serves 13 shipping services as of now, including seven international shipping lines and six domestic trade lanes. The service will call at Xiamen, Guangzhou-Nansha, Hong Kong, Shenzhen-Yantian, Singapore, Suez, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Felixstowe, Antwerp, Suez and Xiamen, deploying ten ships in the 9,000 TEU range and calling at the XOCT on Tuesdays. The terminal's deputy general manager Zhang Hongqing said the new service could bring an extra 16,000 TEU at month to Xiamen.  It would also further promote trade with Europe and accelerate to develop itself to be an international shipping centre in China's southeast region. Container volume through the Xiamen Ocean Gate Container Terminal is expected to reach 800,000 TEU in 2014.    

Cosco Xiamen buys five general cargo vessels

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Cosco Xiamen has entered into shipbuilding contracts with Shanghaiguan Shipbuilding to build five 38,300 dwt general cargo vessels. Deliveries for the newbuildings are scheduled in 2015 and financial details of the deal were not disclosed. Cosco Xiamen revealed that the company is taking advantage of China’s latest shipbreaking policy to renew its fleet. The ordering of new vessels would be followed by the phasing out of older vessels in its fleet, the Chinese firm said. China’s ministry of transport announced in December 2013 a policy that will offer subsidies of RMB1,500 ($247) per gross tonne to shipping companies that scrap their vessels before their operational expiry dates. The new general cargo vessels are expected to be deployed on the shipping routes from the Far East to Central and South America.