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Zhuhai to add two container berths at Gaolan port

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Chinese southern port operator Zhuhai Port Group is to launch the third phase of a terminal project and build two container berths at Gaolan port to meet its increasing cargo volume. The terminal project, with estimated investment of RMB2.6bn, will include two 100,000 tonnes-class container berths at Gaolan port area. The designed annual handling capacity of the two berths is 1.6m teu and the construction period will be around 30 months. Gaolan port is the core port of Zhuhai, focusing on oil and gas products, ore, coal and container cargo transportation. Currently, the port is constructing the second phase terminal project, including one 100,000 tonnes-class container berth, two 50,000 tonnes-class container berths, one 40,000 tonnes-class bulk berth, two 30,000 tonnes-class bulk berths and one 10,000 tonnes-class bulk berth. The project is expected to be completed within this year. Container throughput of Zhuhai port has kept increasing in recent years andiIt recorded 2.3m teu in volumes in 2018. The port aims to achieve the container throughput of 5m teu and 8m teu in 2025 and 2030.

Zhuhai Port to sell leasing and other financial companies

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South China-based Zhuhai Port Holding (ZPH) is to sell the 100% of its stock equity in three subsidiaries involved in financial leasing, fund management and commercial factoring to improve its core business competitiveness. The three wholly-owned subsidiaries of ZPH, Zhuhai Ganghui Financial Leasing, Zhuhai Gangrui Fund Management and Zhuhai Gangrui Commercial Factoring, were set up in July, November and October 2018 separately, will be sold via public price biding on Guangdong United Assets and Equity Exchange. The port said the transaction would help the company to further optimize resources allocation and focus on its main business of port logistics, stated Zhuhai Port. In December 2018, Zhuhai Port announced the plan to purchase 55% stake equity of Guangxi Guangyuan Logistics to improve its logistics supply chain. Guangyuan Logistics operates Xinlong terminal at Guiping port, and plans to build three 3,000 tonne-class multi-purpose berths.

HK-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is gearing up for much-delayed official opening

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THE Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge will open once tests have been completed and the arrangements of customs and health inspections have been finalised. But the structure is ready and its official opening is not far away. With a total length of 55 kilometres the mega bridge is the longest and most technically advanced in China. It is also the most expensive, estimated at US$17 billion, reported Hong Kong Economic Journal. For the 6.7 kilometre underwater tunnel section, builders laid 33 sections of tunnel on the bed of the Pearl River, each weighing as much as an aircraft carrier. During a public hearing in Zhuhai on December 21 organised by the Guangdong Development and Reform Commission (GDRC) officials said that they expect annual traffic flow of 21 million vehicle/journeys and annual income of CNY2.2 billion (US$338.29 million) over the first 30 years. They did not say when or if they would recover the investment cost. Others at the hearing said that official projections of 65,000 vehicles a day using the bridge were too optimistic, given that there would be in future five bridges and tunnels that cross the Pearl River. GDRC put forward two pricing plans. In both, private vehicles and taxis would pay CNY150 to cross the bridge, cargo trucks CNY115 and ordinary trucks CNY60. Coaches would pay CNY200 in one plan and CNY450 in the other. Who will use the new bridge? On December 12 the HK Transport Department announced that it had agreed with the Guangdong government to increase the quota for HK cross-border private cars using the bridge from the 3,000 announced on August 25 to 10,000. There is also a quota of 300 private cars in the mainland. Currently, 28,000 vehicles in Hong Kong and 3,000 in Guangdong have cross-border licences. They can also use the bridge. Chief research officer at the Hong Kong-based One Country Two Systems Research Institute Fang Zhou said that delays in the construction of the bridge had given cities in the PRD time to greatly develop their port capacity, resulting in a situation where many exporters in the delta no longer need to use Hong Kong. "Other PRD bridges will offer lower tariffs than the new bridge, while existing cargo barges to Hong Kong are even cheaper," he said. "In terms of time and convenience, the bridge is not so competitive." The strongest economic argument for the bridge is traffic to Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). In 2016, it handled 4.52 million tons of air cargo. Of this cargo, high value items that must be shipped quickly account for 10 per cent by volume but 40 per cent by value. The main items are fresh food, flowers, fashion, electronic goods and pharmaceuticals. The bridge will enable producers west of the Pearl River to move their goods to HKIA more quickly.   

Zhuhai plans to build Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macau Logistics Park

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A 12-square kilometre Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macao logistics park combining port, highway, customs clearance, bonded trade, inspection, ship agency and freight forwarding is expected to be built in Zhuhai's Hongwan Area. It will be an integrated logistics base featuring e-business, express delivery, display, trade, purchasing, settlement, information, processing, delivery, Web of Things, training, business and tourism and value-added services, an official told Xinhua. The park will integrate logistics development resources from the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, the Hongwan port and the Zhuhai Free Trade Zone to develop itself into an international modern logistics hub serving Hong Kong and Macao as well as southeast Asia.  

New Zhuhai-Macau border checkpoint gets approval

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CHINA'S state government has approved the building of a new customs checkpoint on the Zhuhai-Macau border, enabling "one-stop customs clearance" by 2016. By 2015, traveler flow at Zhuhai's border checkpoints is expected to rise to 130 million people. Daily cross-boundary travellers will hit 356,000 people, according to Xinhua's report. In order to ease heavy pressure on Zhuhai's existing border checkpoints, China State Council decided to approve the setup of a new checkpoint where customs of Zhuhai and Macau will work together for the first time to simplify customs clearance procedures by offering just once inspection before clearance. The checkpoint building and the closed border-crossing corridor will start construction in the second half of 2015. At present, travellers between Zhuhai and Macau can only cross border at two checkpoints, Gongbei and Hengqin. Statistics from Zhuhai's border control authority show that the Gongbei checkpoint handled nearly 99 million people in the past year. Pressure on the border facilities is increasing as mainland Chinese tourists to Macau surge in recent years.

Zhuhai aims to raise sea-rail intermodal freight to 10 million tonnes

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THE Guangzhou-Zhuhai Railway's Gaolan station in Zhuhai, handled 883,347 tonnes of departing cargo by December with 200,000 tonnes throughput expected by January which would bring the annual total 100 million tonnes. In 2014, Zhuhai's Gaolan port is targeting on a sea-rail intermodal cargo volume of 10 million tonnes. The Guangzhou-Zhuhai Railway, which opened in late 2012 with a designed annual capacity of 60 million tonnes, connects Gaolan port with the major industrial zones in Zhuhai, and links the city to the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and other major lines. It has become an important route for Zhuhai's cargo and has stimulated the city's sea-rail intermodal throughput. Gaolan station handled the first batch of sea-rail intermodal cargo in April 2013, which was 23 train cars of steel, weighing in at 13.8 million tonnes. In November, the station loaded 83 trains, or 2.8 trains per day.  

Zhuhai Gongbei customs: Macau trade up 24.3pc to US$2 billion

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 ZHUHAI's Gongbei customs posted a year-on-year 24.3 per cent increase in trade value with Macau from January to November to US$2.01 billion, Xinhua reports. Zhuhai borders Macau, and its checkpoints Gongbei and Hengqin are the major gateways for trade between the mainland and Macau. In the first 11 months, general trade with Macau handled by Gongbei customs grew 31.8 per cent to $1.64 billion, taking up 81.4 per cent of the total of the custom's trade with Macau. Private firms contributed $1.14 billion to the trade value, up 34.7 per cent, taking up 56.7 per cent of the total. Exports of food, household goods and construction materials to Macau is rising rapidly. Electric power exports increased 7.4 per cent to $390 million. Agricultural products grew 8.3 per cent to $260 million. Furniture and parts jumped 41.1 per cent to $75.44 million. Aqua products surged 39.6 per cent to $40.44 million. Increasing infrastructure projects in Macau also spurred growth of imported construction materials. Steel exports via Gongbei to Macau surged 99.5 per cent to $48.95 million. Ceramic tiles increased 30.7 per cent to $31.06 million. Cement soared 94.3 per cent to $12.08 million. CEPA's zero-tariff preferential policy also spurred growth of Zhuhai's imports of copper from Macau. Gongbei handled $13.24 million's worth of imported cooper, up 18 per cent, accounting for 57.9 per cent of the customs' Macau import total. Macau trade cargo through Gongbei customs during the 14 years since Macau was returned to China has amounted to $18.98 billion.  General trade has replaced processing trade to be the major form of Zhuhai's trade with Macau, while private local firms have replaced foreign-invested firms and have become the largest contributor to the city's trade with Macau.    

Zhuhai's Jiuzhou cargo terminal to complete relocation next year

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ZHUHAI city government has set the end of 2014 as the deadline for the relocation of a cargo terminal from Jiuzhou to Hongwan port area.  Hongwan port area's new customs facilities and stack yard are scheduled to be completed by May 2014.  Two 1,000-tonne berths at Hongwan port area has been built up and will start trial operation soon, so that the terminal can start operations as soon as possible after relocation has been finished.  Xinhua's report said, the original site of the terminal will be given to a waterfront real estate project.  

Zhuhai to speed customs clearance through checkpoint expansion

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ZHUHAI's municipal government plans to accelerate the comprehensive development and construction of Gongbei customs checkpoint across the line from Macao, reports Xinhua.  The Gongbei checkpoint saw its annual movement of passengers from home and abroad exceed 80 million in recently years. To speed customs clearance, Zhuhai is now focusing on the checkpoint's upgrade through construction, expanding of the entry-exit inspection facility.  The office covers two main areas, the checkpoint area including Lianhua Wanjingcheng covering 50,000 square metres, and the area of the villages of Lianan, Guanzha and Gaosha covering 150,000 square metres.  The government aims to develop the areas into a regional checkpoint and commercial centre to enhance environmental conditions. 

Zhuhai port puts coal shipping base into operation

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Zhuhai: A coal reserve and shipping center at China's Zhuhai port has commenced trial operation on Wednesday.The Zhuhai port coal center is co-developed by China Shenhua Energy Co., Zhuhai Port Co., and Guangdong Yudean Group with an investment of RMB4.57bn ($733.8m). The potentially largest coal reserve and shipping base in southern China is designed with throughput capacity of 40m tonnes a year.The center is equipped with two 100,000 tonne berths, one 50,000 tonne berth, and four 3,000 tonne berths.  

Zhuhai Port launches largest coal-shipping base in South China

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Zhuhai Port has started the operation of its new coal shipping base yesterday which is jointly invested by Shenhua Group (40%), Zhuhai Port Group (30%) and Guangdong Yudean Group (30%) with RMB4.568bn, SinoShipNews reports. The project includes two 100,000dwt coal berths, one 50,000dwt coal berth and four 3000dwt coal berths with total annual coal handling capacity of 40m tons. Zhuhai Port said the project will greatly enhance the port’s throughput volume and promote the development of the logistics chain of the port. It has also made the goal of building the largest dry bulk dock and the strategy to expand its hinterland to the West River region. Shenhua Group is a large scale state-owned energy company and is the largest coal dealer in China.

West Pearl box shops get boost with new Guangzhou-Zhuhai railway

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A BIG boost has been given to the Western Pearl River Delta container terminals with the recent opening of a freight railway service from Guangzhou through Jiangmen and Foshan to Zhuhai, Xinhua reports. Five Western Pearl Delta container terminals at Yantian, Da Chan Bay, Nansha, Jiangmen and Zhuhai, stand to reap great benefits from the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Railway with first class electric rolling stock and add-on passenger capacity. The line is 189 kilometres long, designed for speeds of 120 kph and serve nine stations, Datian, Guanyao, Danzhao, Heshan, South Jiangmen, Gujing, Doumen, West Zhuhai and Gaolan Port. This is the first freight railway - with passenger capacity - on the western side of the Pearl, bringing intermodal service to the region and easing pressure of the westbound freight movement from Guangzhou. At present, the West Zhuhai Railway Station Logistics Centre and rail lines for cargo distribution at the Gaolan port are being built as auxiliary projects for the new railway. The CNY2.5 billion (US$401 million) West Zhuhai Railway Station Logistics Centre covers 206.67 hectares, which will be built on adjacent to the waterfront logistics facility offering multi-modal, warehousing, distribution, bonded logistics, inventory management and supply chain management.